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    Posted on 19 Nov 2014

    22 Facts About Australian Sport That Will Shock You


    1. Don Bradman's career average was 99.94. The next highest is around 60.

    2. AFL was popularised (mostly) in Sydney by Tom Wills.

    3. Tom Wills also captained a team of Aboriginal cricketers from western Victoria during a Boxing Day cricket match at the MCG in 1866, to 10,000 spectators.

    4. It is believed the Aboriginal game of Mangrook inspired many of the rules for AFL.

    5.In 2006, 37 Victorians were admitted to hospitals while 8 people visited emergency departments for lawn bowls-related injuries.

    6. The American 4 X 100 meters freestyle relay swim team had never been defeated until the 2000 Olympics when they were beaten by Australia.

    7. The Socceroos have the world record for largest margin of victory in an international soccer match, beating American Samoa 31-0. That's around one goal every THREE MINUTES.

    8. In 1974, man of the match for an Amco Cup match got a new pair of jeans!

    9. In 1993 a pig was released onto the field during an AFL match between the Sydney Swans and St. Kilda.

    10. Manly Sea Eagles player Matt Ballin has been in three NRL Grand Finals, touched the ball 247 times, and has never made an error.

    11. In 1889, wrestling on horseback was a sport.

    12. In 1915, St. Kilda Football Club changed its colours from red white and black - which were the same colours associated with Germany at the time - to red, yellow and black, corresponding with those of Belgium, an ally.

    13. The club returned to its old colour in 1923, after the First World War had settled.

    14. Australian tennis champion Ken Rosewall didn't have to join the Army in 1953. He had a medical skin condition that made it impossible for him to wear regulation army boots.

    15. As of 2011, women make up 9% of all sports coverage in Australian TV news and current affairs.

    16. Sharelle McMahon scored the winning goal for Australia in the 1999 netball World Cup final, with only one second left on the clock.

    17. The Australian Rules season of 1916 only had four competing teams. Because of this, Fitzroy was able to win both the wooden spoon (losing 9 of their 12 matches) and the premiership (winning their 3 finals matches).

    18. Hawthorn Football Club were originally called the Mayblooms.

    19. Carlton players Doug Fraser and Alex Lang were found guilty of bribery in 1910 and suspended for 99 weeks, the longest ever suspension.


    20. In 1868, the first Australian touring cricket team to play in England was a representative Aboriginal team.

    21. Ellyse Perry is the youngest person (male or female) to represent Australia in cricket and the first Australian woman to be in both a cricket and soccer World Cup.

    22. In 2013 Ellyse Perry was also named "Australia's most marketable athlete" by SportsPro Magazine.

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