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Definitive Proof That Australia Has The Friendliest Spiders On Earth

Come on down, we don't bite...hard ;).

1. Come on down to Australia and this guy will help you connect your internet!

2. This fella will tell you your hair really does look nice and those jerks at the bar don't know what they're talking about! :)

3. This handy helper will get all the dry skin off your hands! Thanks!

4. And this babe will help you to get brows like Cara Delevingne!

5. This guy will keep your place safe from intruders! Handy!

6. And this excellent arachnid will open the door for you to put your groceries in the car!

7. Save money on insect repellent because this sneaky spider will keep the flys at bay!

8. This handsome lad will whisper sweet nothings into your ear while you go to sleep!

9. And these fellows will keep you up-to-date with all the weather changes!

10. This amateur sommelier in the cellar will make sure your wine is *just* the right temperature.

11. And this ~artist~ will help you work on your crochet patterns! Awesome!

12. Finally, safety spider will make sure everyone has their seat belts on when you go on a long trip!

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