12 Things That Look Like The New Sydney #Spacenoodle

The 50 metre sculpture was announced today and will sprawl its noodly body across Sydney’s CBD.

A new sculpture for Sydney’s George Street and Town Hall intersection was announced today, and the internet went a little crazy:

1. It didn’t take long for comparisons to start:

2. It kind of looks like a tape worm, sprawled over the city.


3. Or dental floss:


4. Mr. Burns coming in peace:

5. Or a big, space ray filled monstrosity:

here’s the full guide you need to the space noodle

— dannol an (@dannolan)

6. And whatever this is:

All I can think of when I see Clovers space noodle

— Kieren Ash (@KierenAsh)

7. Maybe one day it will come to life:

8. Or maybe it’s a new initiative from the government to keep us all entertained:


— Leslie Nassar (@leslienassar)

9. Some of the comparisons are a little too easy…



10. While some are a little more…creative.

I am a very busy lady just walkin thru the city

— mat whitehead (@matwhi)

11. And some people focussed more on what was going on at the bottom of the photo:

seriously is this guy going the cowie on a child

— mindy manonduz (@menendymendez)

12. Apparently it’s called a “Cloud Arch.”

Have you seen the plans for Sydney's CBD public art installations? What do you think of the 'Cloud Arch'?

— ABC News (@abcnews)



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