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    Someone Is Selling An Enchanted BBQ In Australia

    The planets have aligned on this fateful day.

    Listed in the final days of the last year, the self-proclaimed "Enchanted BBQ" is only $70


    The seller claims that "there is only so much power that one man can wield for so long."

    According to lore, untold rewards came the way of the owner.

    These included:

    Achieving flight without the use of propulsion.

    Bedding Scarlett Johansson on the back of a unicorn.

    And maintaining a 100% strike rate when inserting a USB.

    The specifications are as follows:

    Two burners, named 'Infernus' and 'Hellfire'

    A Cast Iron plate, taken from the suit of arms of Richard the Lionheart.

    A Cast Iron grill, formerly used on the truck from Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior.

    A steel roasting hood, forged from the melted turret of the Soviet T-50 tank that took Berlin during the second World War.

    And it runs on the compressed breath of a dragon. (Tank not included.)

    It also comes with TWO attachable bench tops. "These are really just pieces of plastic but they are handy. And there are two of them."

    The listing also comes with a whole bunch of evidence pertaining to the miracle working BBQ.

    And testimonials from a range of historical figures.


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