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Goon Bag Coffee Is Everything You Dreamed Of

Praise the Gods.

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Last week saw the launch of Darlo Coffee, a cold brew company from Sydney delivering coffee goon sacks to offices all over the CBD.

Facebook: darlocoffee

Co-founder Ben told BuzzFeed News that he and his brother Erol have spent the last couple of years experimenting with different beans.

"Our cold brew has been years in the making, experimenting with different beans and

different methods of roasting, playing with the steeping process, brewing time, and ratios."

"Then around 6 months ago we really started to design the product and the brand

we officially launched 2 weeks ago."

Only opening two weeks ago, people have already started experimenting with the cold brew in recipes.

"Its super versatile actually," says Ben.

"Some of our friends are using it in their protein shakes - it’s definitely a healthy addition, its 100% natural with no additives. The extraction method of cold brew makes the coffee taste naturally sweet so they end up using less honey and sugar."


When asked about the coffee + goon sack combination, Ben said they hadn't come across it before.

"We haven't come across it in Australia, which is weird because coffee and goon bags are such an awesome (and funny) part of our culture, we love them, they are close to our hearts. It also makes for the perfect cold brew packaging, easy access from the fridge."