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Some Genius Has Recreated "Friends" In The Sims 4

The One Where Everything Is Simulated.

Have you ever wondered what Friends would look like on The Sims? WELL NOW YOU CAN SEE!

A wonderful soul has recreated the set of Friends in the latest Sims 4. It is crazy accurate.

From Monica's apartment...

To Central Perk...

It's intense how well it has been done.

Warner Bros
Warner Bros
Warner Bros

Let's be honest, everything is better on The Sims.

"O vwa vwaf sna."

Translated: "WE WERE ON A BREAK!"

"Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb."

Translated: "I'm Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!"

"Ah, van vesua! Cummuns nala."

Translated: "HOW YOU DOIN?"

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