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    "The Simpsons" Makes Australian Politics So Much Better

    Don't make me run I'm full of broken promises.

    'The Simpsons against the Liberal Party' is a Facebook group that has grown rapidly over the last week.

    Probably because of the bizarre amount of similarities between the Australian Government and The Simpsons.

    Lots of issues are dealt with...

    And Tony Abbott seems to be portrayed as a Homer of sorts...

    Don't forget Christopher Pyne!

    ***Not out of touch***

    Like, sometimes it's just too good to be true.

    The Facebook page takes user submissions, with many getting involved:

    And it helps us all realise how much parliament seems like one big schoolyard.

    And how sometimes real life is crazier than TV.

    But most of all it reminds us that we're Doing It For Her.

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