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    How Would You Wear These Red High Heels?

    How would you wear them?

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    Tens of thousands of people have waded into a historic and important debate on Twitter: If you bought this pair of red high heels, how would you go about wearing them?

    靴欲しくて探してたんやけど この靴どう履くのかわからんくて 可能性のある履き方を描いた。 余計分からなくなった。

    It's a conundrum as baffling as the now classic "how would a dog wear pants?" debate of 2015 – which has spawned countless articles, arguments and memes since two crudely drawn images of a dog wearing pants first hit the internet.

    Over 70,000 people have rallied on social media to give their own take on just how one would wear a particularly high pair of heels.

    The story began in Japan when Morimatsu, from Ehime Prefecture, sent out a tweet saying she didn't know how to wear a pair of heels she was contemplating buying. "I drew all the possible ways," she said. "It made things more complicated."

    The internet, as always, was happy to help out – and offered dozens of ideas.

    "Senpai, I think you're supposed to wear it like this."

    @Tkfhk_ma_ 多分こうっすよ先輩 知らんけど、

    "It's probably for track and field lol"

    @Tkfhk_ma_ きっと陸上用ですよ笑

    "Isn't it like this?"

    @Tkfhk_ma_ @mitter_3134 こうじゃね

    "It's probably for a fancy album jacket"

    @Tkfhk_ma_ 二度のリプライすみません きっとおしゃれなCDジャケット用ですよ!

    "You probably wear it for Cossack dance!"

    @Tkfhk_ma_ @itigoaren きっとはいてコサックダンスをするんですよ! コサックダンス用ハイヒール! こう!!↑↑↑↑ (FF外から失礼しました〜)

    "There's a possibility like this."

    @Tkfhk_ma_ こういう可能性も

    "How about this?"

    "Isn't it like this?"

    "Is there a possibility that it's supposed to be worn like this?"

    @Tkfhk_ma_ この可能性はないですか?

    A lot of people even thought that the heels might be the secret to Michael Jackson's dance moves.

    @Tkfhk_ma_ どうしても彼が出てきてしまった‼

    Morimatsu told BuzzFeed News that she didn't expect her tweet to go viral; she did not buy the heels in the end, but she enjoyed all these "creative ideas."

    1. So, how do you think you should wear the red heels?

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    So, how do you think you should wear the red heels?
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