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    This Is Why That Manly Beach Shark Video Probably Isn't Real

    Real or fake - you decide. (It's probably fake.)

    Yesterday a video went viral that appeared to show one mans closer-than-normal interaction with a shark.

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    You've probably seen it, and probably already theorized that it's fake - like most of the internet community.

    So here's some of the best theories / reasons why it's not real:

    1. The "two different sharks" theory:

    Pretty self explanatory.

    2. The "two different directions" theory:

    This theory brings to attention the contrast between the direction the cameraman's friend points and the direction the shark first comes from.

    3. The "blinking shark:"

    If you pay close attention, the shark blinks from the centre of the screen at the beginning of this shot to the far left in less than a second.

    4. The "no bubbles" theory:

    On the tape an audible scream can be heard, yet no bubbles are seen as one would expect.

    5. And the "why the fuck wouldn't your friends be more freaked out" theory:

    All you hear from the cameraman's friends is "shark!" After that, everything goes quiet. It's either the case of poor acting or this guy has some pretty shitty friends.

    All in all, though, it's a pretty good effort!

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