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This Straight White Politician Said He Was A Victim Of Bigotry And People Are Pissed

"Fetch me an entire orchestra of tiny violins."

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The Australian treasurer Scott Morrison is facing a torrent of criticism online for saying he understands the "bigotry and hatred" experienced by LGBTI people because he has experienced the same thing for opposing marriage equality.

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Morrison discussed his own suffering on radio this morning, saying bigotry "is not confined to one side of the [marriage equality] debate".

“Frankly, people of very strong religious views have been subject to quite dreadful hate speech and bigotry as well,” he said. “It is not confined to one side of this debate.”

Australians, particularly LGBTI Australians, took to Twitter to criticise the member for Cook, calling his comments "outdated".

Hey @ScottMorrisonMP - having your outdated, bigoted views challenged is NOT the same as the discrimination faced by #LGBTI people. Vile man

fetch me an entire orchestra of tiny violins

"you can't even be a homophobe nowadays without those uppity queers telling you off" - scott morrison, probably


How many kids have ever been driven to suicide by being bullied for their Christian views @ScottMorrisonMP? Zero. Not one. #auspol #ausvotes

There really is no way to describe the lack of awareness in Scott Morrison’s comments.There is, but it wouldn't meet community standards

I grew up in Scott Morrison's electorate and the hatred, homophobia and bigotry that exists there is revolting.

Hey @ScottMorrisonMP ever been told your sexuality is unnatural, that you're a freak who automatically constitutes a threats to kids? No?


Did Scott Morrison really just compare the hate and bigotry he's been subject to to the hate that LGBTI people suffer?

Morrison's comments were a response to a speech given by South Australian senator Penny Wong last night, in which she spoke about her fear that a plebiscite on marriage equality in Australia would incite hate speech and violence.