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    People Are Using #FixNetworkTen To Help Save A TV Station

    The hashtag #FixNetworkTen went viral on Wednesday afternoon.

    Network Ten, one of Australia's three major free-to-air commercial television operators, announced it would be going into voluntary administration on Wednesday.

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    A statement on Tuesday said key shareholders Lachlan Murdoch and Bruce Gordon would not be financing a new loan, meaning the network was forced to appoint administrators.

    "During this period, the administrators intend to continue operations as much as possible on a business as usual basis," it said.

    The announcement left many shocked and saddened.

    So sad for all #Ten employees - it's a great place to work and a fabulously talented news bunch,thinking of all my…

    Network Ten has been apart of Australian Culture and a large part of my career. No other commercial network supports comedians like Ten.

    Hugs going out to staff at #NetworkTen. It remains one of most fun places I ever worked with and it's filled with excellent talented people

    Australians – including a famous TV cook – began to take to social media to share their own ideas to save the station, all while using the hashtag #FixNetworkTen.

    My very own cooking show, 24/7, in which I star as myself, and each week we locate the cheese. #FixNetworkTen #wheresthecheese

    I just figured out a way to #FixNetworkTen ....... BRING BACK CHEEZ TV!!

    Replace the CEO with a guy named Lenny. #fixnetworkten

    We surveyed 100 ppl on how to #FixNetworkTen Survey Says: "Give this guy more airtime"

    E-Sports instead of old sport. #FixNetworkTen

    And there were also a lot of people saying the network's demise began with the decision to remove The Simpsons from prime time.

    A visual representation of #Network10 if they had kept the Simpsons in a prime time slot...

    They messed with the formula of M*A*S*H, The Simpsons and Seinfeld every night for 20 years. #fixnetworkten

    I'm not an economist but I'm pretty sure I can pinpoint Ten's downfall to the exact moment they cancelled The Simpsons at 6pm weeknights

    why would you watch channel 10 unless it's to watch the simpsons at 6pm ???


    Turn Channel 10 into the Simpsons channel. All Simpsons, all the time. Early seasons in prime time, later seasons are just filler

    @TonyWebeck Sports Tonight into the Simpsons... that was an institution!

    I've said it before: the death knell rang for @channelten when they stopped showing The Simpsons at 6pm. #TenNetwork #Channel10

    Broadcasting on Network Ten will continue, meaning the latest Bachelorette, Sophie Monk, will likely still find love.

    If #Channel10 goes bankrupt before @sophiemonk finds love on The Bachelorette I will be very angry and have many thoughts

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