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This Soaked Koala Stranded In A Flood Is Sadly Adorable

We are all sad flood koala.

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A photo of a koala who sought refuge from South Australian floods by climbing up a pole has captured the hearts of Australians.

The photo was snapped by South Australian plumber Russell Latter, who told BuzzFeed News he spotted the koala sitting on the road looking very lost and wet.

"I was driving along the road and I noticed a koala looking very wet and a bit stuck because the flood water was on both sides of the road," he said. "I stopped my car and coaxed him over a little bridge, stopping cars along the way."

Emergency services have received hundreds of calls as multiple suburbs in South Australia face mass flooding, fallen trees and evacuation orders.

Around 60 homes have been either inundated or damaged.


Latter said that after the koala was safely across the road he walked down a fence and smelled a wooden post.

"He recognised it, I suppose, and climbed on top."

After a short rest, the koala skipped over a shallow part of the floodwater and climbed up a nearby eucalyptus tree.

"Where we live, there's koalas most days in the trees," Latter said.

The plumber has received dozens of calls from media and news crews asking to visit his home after the photo of the koala went viral.

"I've had to stop work and cancel jobs it's been so much," he said.