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    Russell Brand Links The Bali Nine To "Epic Police Corruption In Indonesia"

    Talking on his Youtube show The Trews, Brand discussed the case of the Bali Nine prisoners and their impending execution.

    On the latest episode of Russell Brand's The Trews, the comedian-cum-activist focussed on the government of Indonesia and their treatment of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan.

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    The pair were convicted of attempting to smuggle heroin into Australia from Bali in April 2005, sentenced to death by firing squad. They were part of a group of seven other smuggles - hence "Bali 9".

    The clip focusses on the Indonesian government's acceptance of trades like the tobacco industry and their intense stance on drug trafficking.

    As well as police corruption...

    And the harshness of both prisoner's death penalties given their rehabilitation.

    Sukumaran has studied as an artist whilst in prison, whilst Chan has turned to religion and helped rehabilitate fellow prisoners.

    You can watch this video, as well as others here.

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