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The "Red Foo" Potato Isn't Actually Named After Redfoo

An early investigation into potato origins.

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A "Red Foo" variety potato has been showing up in Coles across the country, and the population isn't sure how to feel.

That's it. I'm renouncing my citizenship.

Some people are less than impressed with the name, believing it to be a hat tip to the pop star Redfoo.

I am using Red Foo potatoes for dinner. While I'm excited to try a new potato variety, I'm a little disappointed it's named after a dipshit.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Sam Rattray, the manager of Sales and Marketing at Yum Tasmania Gourmet Potatoes said the real story behind the potatoes was much different.

"Our grandkids were trying to name the new potato. The 2-year-old said 'red foot.' His 18-month-old sister chimed in with 'refoo.'

We all knew who Redfoo was, of course, but [that] was not of consequence to the naming."

The potato is believed to taste similar to a regular potato, with red flesh.

The Red Foo Potato. It doesnt just share a name with the "singer", it also looks kinda like a cock.

A Coles spokesperson told BuzzFeed News "the Red Foo variety, which hit Coles shelves earlier this month, will only be available while supplies last."


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