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15 Reasons Why Being An Australian Beach Lifeguard Is The Best Job Ever

It's not all surf, waves, and babes.

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1. You get to work on Australia's most beautiful beaches.


2. And sometimes you'll be on TV.

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3. You're in the same league as THIS GUY:

4. You meet a bunch of new characters every day!

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5. You get to hang out on the beach all day where everyone wears hardly any clothing.

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6. Which isn't always great...

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7. This will never be you:

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8. And you learn great first aid tips!


9. People thank you all the time.

10. Your job basically requires you to be tan (but still sun-safe.)

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11. Also you get to wear a uniform.


Which means instant street cred.

12. And you'll find yourself doing things you never thought you could do.

13. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, you get to save lives every day.

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14. And be a hero to others.

15. And there's nothing more important than that.