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    Posted on 20 Aug 2015

    A Woman Found Out Her Husband Was On Ashley Madison On Live Radio

    "I feel like we're on Jerry Springer, man."

    A woman was told live on the radio that her husband had a registered account with the website, Ashley Madison.

    Ashley Madison, a website that helps married people carry out affairs, has recently been the victim of large-scale hacking that saw the release of thousands of registered email accounts and other personal information.

    Sydney woman Jo called the station after Nova 969 radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa encouraged any listeners who had doubts about their spouse's loyalty to call in.

    "When that thing came on the news about Ashley Madison, he went a bit funny," she said.

    "I asked him, he said, 'Don't be stupid, we're married, we've got two kids.'"

    Before the chat, Jo supplied the station with her husband's details so they could check to see if he had an account.

    When it was revealed that he did, Jo was obviously distraught. She struggled to stop herself from swearing, and then hung up after calling the website "disgusting".

    The interaction prompted an awkward discussion with the hosts, who struggled to keep the mood positive.

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    "I don't know if we should have done that," said Wippa. "It hasn't left me with a good feeling."

    The conversation continued as the pair tried to debate the importance of the segment on their show.

    "But it's a way to check if he's on the website – Jo has rung us."

    "Wait up, he's on Ashley Madison!"

    "Yeah, but we don't know what's happened."

    "Unfortunately, Jo, it's unfortunate you've hung up. Because you can't guarantee that it's definite. You can't definitely say that he's cheated."

    You can listen to the whole exchange here.

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