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Quidditch Beer Pong Is A Real Thing And It's Magical

Bludgers, Quaffles, and beer.

Quidditch pong is the somewhat perfect combination of beer pong and Quidditch, guaranteed to add some ~magic~ to your drunken nights.

The game has the usual cups on either side, like beer pong, but mixes it up a little with the addition of three rings, bats, a Snitch, and a "Snitch cup".

The full list of rules can be found here, but the most important thing is the fancy new addition of the ~Snitch cup~.

"During your turn, your team's Seeker may shoot for the Snitch Cup instead of the regular cups. If your Seeker shoots for the Snitch Cup, your team forfeits all three regular shots for one shot at the Snitch Cup. In all cases, if you make the Snitch Cup, you win the game. The Snitch Cup also trumps Resurrection Stone."

You also have to choose (or be chosen by the Sorting Hat ;) ) for a house before you start – and they all have different abilities!


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You can follow the Unofficial Quidditch Pong Facebook, or check out the website here.