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    33 Questions All Australians Have

    What the fuck is the second verse of our National Anthem?

    1. If I hang my washing up what are the chances it will start to rain?

    2. Is the weather going to be good this weekend?

    3. Is everyone gonna stop talking about politics soon?

    4. How late is my train going to be today?

    5. How late is my bus going to be today?

    6. How late am I going to be today?

    7. Is the Hottest 100 ever going to be as good as it was in the '90s?

    8. When is everyone gonna stop assuming Sydney is the capital city?

    9. When am I going to be able to afford a house?

    10. When am I going to be able to afford rent?

    11. Can fuel prices get any higher?

    Flickr: mikecogh / Creative Commons

    12. When are people gonna stop saying "cunt" like it's okay?

    13. Will it ever snow?

    14. Will the weather ever stay consistent?

    15. Will foreigners ever stop saying "G'day" like it's cute?

    16. When will Tony Abbott go on Q&A?

    17. Will my taxi driver ever know where he is going?

    18. What would a White Christmas be like?

    19. When will Netflix finally come to Australia?

    20. Who will win The Voice?

    Channel 9 / Via Facebook: TheVoiceAu

    21. Will all the movies ever come here at the same time as they're on in America?

    22. Will I ever pay off my HECS debt?

    23. Will I be able to take my future kids to the Great Barrier Reef or will it be gone by then?

    24. Will Bunnings have a sausage sizzle today?

    25. Will I be able to go on the internet today without Game of Thrones being spoiled?

    26. Will NSW ever win State of Origin again?

    27. Will I get skin cancer?

    28. Why does everyone keep saying SMH?

    29. Do they all love the Sydney Morning Herald or something?

    30. When will I fit in all my annual leave?

    31. Why don't Paddle Pops taste as good as they used to? :(

    32. How long does it take a Zooper Dooper to freeze?

    33. How many bugs have I eaten whilst asleep?

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