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People Are Freaking Out Over This Huge-Ass, Putin-Looking Kangaroo

Are we 100% sure we didn't evolve from kangaroos?

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It's another day in Australia and another day of huge kangaroo sightings. Behold, the latest in absolutely jacked 'roos to make headlines Down Under.

The muscle-bound roo was photographed in the Margaret River area's Boodjidup Creek by 27-year-old Jackson Vincent from Fremantle, Perth, who was out walking his dog.

Jackson Vincent / Caters News Agency

The 'roo was around two metres tall and is estimated to weigh 100kgs.


And a few people put the image of the hulking kangaroo into words:

You wanna go me? YOU WANNA GO ME?!

"Ya wanna go m8?? Fkn cmere and say that shit"

Really, it's just impressive.

Fark! Our kangaroos are ripped. #straya @newscomauHQ @australia @TourismAus #Australia…

Are we really sure we evolved from apes not kangaroos? #auspol

And terrifying...

has got to admit, the size of this kangaroo and its muscles terrifies me just a tiny bit |

And confusing...

Kangaroo bodies fall into the uncanny valley for me, the torso and arms look close enough to be really really wrong


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