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People Are Putting Their "Peptides" Out After The Dismissal Of James Hird

#PutYourPeptidesOut is filled with different takes on the trend.

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AFL coach James Hird and the Essendon Football Club have parted ways following a tenure that was filled with controversy and headlines.

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In August 2013 Hird was suspended for 12 months from involvement with any football club. This came after a doping and supplements saga involving the banned peptide Thymosin beta-4 and its use at the Essendon Football Club.

After the announcement today that Hird was no longer the coach of Essendon, the internet responded quickly.

Twitter user Troy Hallum was the first to tweet, beginning the #PutYourPeptidesOut hashtag.

From there, it just kept rollin' on out.


#putyourpeptidesout @Snashy19 @wjblacky @Wal13freo @LeeBlackman3

Some people didn't have any peptides and had to make do.

"This one's for you spike" - #putyourpeptidesout

#PutOutYourPeptides #putyourpeptidesout


Best I could come up with without a visit to Dank's chinese supplier. #PutYourPeptidesOut

While others took it a little more literal...


. @rumballz #putyourpeptidesout #StandByHird

It is expected that an interim coach for the remainder of the 2015 season will be announced shortly by the Essendon Football Club.