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This Man Says He Was Attacked After Catching A Mewtwo On Pokémon Go

"My guess is he would have stolen the phone and then waited to be able to transfer the Pokémon to himself."

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Jason, who wanted his surname withheld, was playing with some friends on Tuesday evening at a park in the suburb of Rhodes.

Alphonsus Fok / Via Instagram: @fonsii

Hundreds of people have recently been flocking to Rhodes to catch rare Pokémon, as BuzzFeed News reported.

On Tuesday night, rumours about the existence of a rare Mewtwo in the area caused "chaos", Jason told BuzzFeed News.

"We could see some tension and another mate actually saw a few guys pushing and shoving," he said.


"Later in the night a friend caught a Charizard and people were cheering and going crazy. Then a friend said something about a strange looking Pokémon on his app ... Before we knew it I had caught the Mewtwo."

Jason said it was while they were celebrating that "a rather bulky guy" barged into him and then "threw a swing" at him.

"He knocked my phone out of my hand, I pushed him back and picked up my phone ... while I did that he tried to get me again [but] he was blocked by a mate."

"We got away straight after that. It was not the place to stick around in. He was the only guy ... I was attacked by, but others there at the time actually said that he was accompanied by two others."

"They wanted to try and steal the phone [with the Mewtwo on it] and sell it," Jason said.

That's right: it's possible that someone was trying to steal a phone so that they could sell it, with a rare Pokémon as a major selling point.

"Honestly, my guess is he would have stolen the phone and then waited to be able to transfer the Pokémon to himself, or traded it away or tried to extort us," Jason said.

"I'm guessing Mewtwo is gonna be worth a fair amount of money."

Jason said he contacted NSW Police, but was unable to file a report due to a lack of information.

NSW Police issued a statement on Wednesday saying that "for the most part, the crowd of more than 100 people was well behaved" on Tuesday night.

"We remind anyone in a public place to be aware of their surroundings, to be considerate of others and to ensure they abide by the road rules."

There have been multiple reports of Mewtwo being caught around the world, all of which have been met with a fair amount of scrutiny. Recently, a Twitter user uploaded a video of his cousin catching a Mewtwo, but some believe the footage was fake.

My cousin just caught MEWTWO!! #PokemonGO

Niantec and Nintendo have only hinted at the existence of "legendary" Pokémon in Pokémon Go. A Youtuber recently hacked the game to prove the existence of coding that mentions multiple rare Pokémon.