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20 Photos Of Real Estate Agents That Can't Be Real (But Are)

And you think your high school yearbook photo was bad.

1. Colonel Sanders?

2. #nofilter

3. "Bluetooth forever Siri never!"

4. I'd hire him.

5. This house needs to be at least THREE TIMES that size before I buy it!

6. So are you guys partners?

7. What a view.

8. "I'll consider that offer."

9. Wait, wait, wait... You can fly, too?!

10. Beth Smith sells houses now.

11. "I'll sell you the house and then my heart."

12. Another member of the Bluetooth brigade.

13. He keeps all his real estate secrets under his hat.

14. "OK Photoshop guy, I want you to airbrush my nose a little. But not TOO MUCH."

15. Howdy partner.

16. I don't even...

17. The wife of No. 15

18. "I can show you the world."

19. Selling you houses... from the 'other side.'

20. And this guy.

Yes, it's real.