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    Peter Dutton Tweeted Three Days Ago That He Supported The Prime Minister. Then He Challenged Him

    Never tweet.

    Peter Dutton, wannabe prime minister, is being mocked by the masses after his failed attempt to usurp prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

    tfw you're a potato and also not prime minister

    And while there have been plenty of tweets lamenting the drama of the day and the repetitive nature of Australia's topsy-turvy government stability...

    I am just deeply embarrassed to be Australian right now #libspill's one of Dutton's own tweets that is coming back to haunt him.


    Only three days ago, Dutton addressed rumours that he would be challenging Turnbull's leadership. At the time, he said the prime minister had his full support.

    In relation to media stories today, just to make very clear, the Prime Minister has my support and I support the policies of the Government. My position hasn’t changed from my comments last Thursday.

    Of course, that certainly didn't seem to be the case on Tuesday morning, when Dutton, uh...challenged the prime minister. Which (in general) is not something you do to someone you fully support.

    Life comes at you fast.

    And people were, of course, having fun with Dutton's tweet.

    Narrator: The Prime Minister did not have his support

    I wonder why people think politicians are a pack of liars

    This has aged nicely..

    Of course, there's always the possibility that Dutton may challenge again. Which would be just grand.

    What a deliciously conclusive result. All the leadership speculation will definitely die down now.

    While all of that may have been fun, there's a whole lot of questions left to answer now. Rumours that Turnbull will call an election, or invite Dutton back as a minister after he resigned, or, I don't know ... Maybe Julie Bishop can be PM? Basically, this is us:

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