21 People Who Really Shouldn’t Have Careers In Music

Seriously. Everyone should leave the guitar spinning to the professionals.

1. This guy hurling his guitar to the heavens.

2. Lady Gaga falling like a swan.


3. This guy who takes the “dive” part of “stage dive” a bit too literally.

4. This rocker who has realized the potential his guitar has as a guillotine.

6. The person who decided their piano didn’t need to be tied down.

“It’ll be fine. Just remember to go slow ‘round them corners.”

7. The boy who realized that when all else fails patriotism always works.

8. Yet another guy who can’t pull of the guitar spin.

9. This violinist with nothing going right for him.

It looks like Easy Cheese…

10. The marching band members who didn’t show up to practice enough.

11. This percussionist just trying to read his music.

Life’s not fair.

12. And this drummer who is finally paying for his bad posture.

13. This guy who gets swallowed by the crowd.

And probably ends up eating the pavement.

14. This pianist who just can’t catch a break.

15. This possessed saxophone player.

16. The man who thought he could play the banjo. While running. On ice.

Brad Esposito / Via youtube.com

17. The headbanger learning a quick lesson in gravity.

Brad Esposito / Via youtube.com

18. This band member with no friends.

Brad Esposito / Via youtube.com

19. The singer who REFUSES to look down.

Brad Esposito / Via youtube.com

20. The preschooler using his xylophone as a free anger therapist.

21. And Lady Gaga. Again.

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