37 People Who Really Need Selfie Lessons


    1. This woman that forgot to check her surroundings.

    2. Anyone that ever takes a selfie by a urinal.

    3. This guy that didn't check for mirrors.

    4. And this guy, too.

    5. Grandma selfies. Ugh.

    6. Or a grandma. On the toilet.

    7. The girl that doesn't know what a bottle is.

    8. This guy that doesn't understand privacy.

    9. ANYONE that EVER takes a FUNERAL SELFIE.

    10. This girl that also needs lessons in geography.

    11. The girl who forgot to open BOTH her eyes.

    12. The mother who should have made sure her baby was okay with having its photo taken.

    13. This boy that is SO CLOSE to getting it right.

    14. And this guy who just got it so, so wrong.

    15. This guy that managed to capture all of Mother Natures beauty as well as his face.

    16. This lady who should really clean her house next time.

    17. This girl trying a sneaky selfie.

    18. This guy just taking his cats for a walk.

    19. Chocolate sauce selfies.

    20. Anyone who tries to Photoshop their selfie.

    21. Seriously.

    22. These girls and this poor guy.

    23. This girl who forgot to hide her...personal belongings...

    24. The girl who took this shitty selfie.

    25. This girl who can't decide if she's taking a selfie or being a toilet model.

    26. Geraldo Rivera.

    27. This guy.

    28. And these guys.

    29. This guy who should really just be HELPING THAT MAN.

    30. This nominee for a Darwin Award.

    31. This not-so-subtle selfie taker.

    32. This cat lover.

    33. This mother who should have noticed her sons' disappointment.

    34. The bong, beer and baby selfie taker.

    35. These two who should probably be focussing on other things because of their current predicament...

    36. This Zoro impersonator.

    37. And Kim Kardashian.