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Politician Who Made Video Implying He Shot Two People Says He Never Even Heard About Orlando

Australian politician Bob Katter has a new ad, showing him blowing the smoke off a gun while two men lay motionless behind him.

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Independent MP Bob Katter has sparked controversy for a new campaign video, in which the 71-year-old appears to shoot and kill two men wearing shirts labeled "ALP" and "LNP".

"ALP" and "LNP" represent the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National Party, Australia's two largest political parties.

Perhaps the most wicked campaign ad for 2016?

In the 30-second video, two men wearing shirts marked "ALP" and "LNP" are seen shaking hands as they push an "Australia for sale" sign into the ground.

The video then cuts to Katter changing the sign to "Australia NOT for sale", before he is seen blowing the smoke from a gun and smiling towards the camera.

As the camera pans up, the bodies of the two men can be seen lying on the ground.

The video has received plenty of backlash online, with many accusing Katter of insensitivity for his use of gun violence to make a political point so soon after Monday's mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Bob Katter's campaign ad where he jokes about shooting someone.. Poor taste and people still mourning US shooting

Notoriously anti-gay Bob Katter can't understand why you're uppity about a video where he murders people a day after 50 gays were murdered.

Is Bob Katter really shooting people for having different beliefs and ideals to him? Oh, great...

Speaking on ABC Far North radio, Katter said the advertisement is "an anti-selling off Australia advertisement", not a gun rights ad.

"It was filmed weeks ago, and I think most people will enjoy the humour of it."

"We tried to use humour getting a message about selling off our country across. This ridiculous political correctness business … It's just to get our message across that there are some of us out there that are shocked and horrified and tenaciously opposed to the selling of our country."

Katter appeared on Sunrise this morning, saying he "would have no idea" about the mass shootings in Orlando, Florida, because he doesn’t read newspapers.

Bob Katter tells SUNRISE he didn't know about #Orlando because he's out 'til midnight, only watches movies on TV and doesn't read papers.

The Betoota Advocate, a satirical newspaper that helped make the video with Katter, released a statement saying it did not see “any correlation between a federal minister murdering us in cold blood on video and the other city-centric allegations made by mainstream media outlets across the country”

“One point we would like to make is, that, with 166 mass shootings having happened already in America this year, there is literally no way that Katter’s Australian Party could have shared this video without being accused of showing insensitivity towards lives that have been lost as a result of America’s gun epidemic,” it said.

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