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People Are Freaking Out Because Read Receipts Have Come To Twitter

Don't worry, you can turn them off.

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Twitter announced a bunch of new features overnight, including typing indicators ("..."), web link previews and, most controversially, read receipts.

New! Direct Messages are more dynamic than ever with read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews.

Read receipts have been unpopular since they were first introduced on Blackberry Messenger, then the iPhone and early Facebook Messenger, where they are turned on by default. When the news spread that Twitter had finally joined the read receipts bandwagon, people were a little bit tense.

(Read receipts are just a bad idea in general)


Read Receipts for Twitter dms now

If turning off your read receipts isn't the second thing you do when you get a new phone (after putting it on silent) we are very different.

MANAGER: Did you get my DM? ME: No MANAGER: But your read receipts... ME:

"I know you read my DMs" "Says Who?" "Read Receipts. Some of them. All of them?" "Says who. Which ones?"

"Oh, good, Twitter added read receipts to DMs" - normal and not at all weird human

If you want to see how Twitter DM read receipts work, my DMs are open & you can find out what an unread message looks like.

Those who don't want read receipts all over their DMs needn't worry. You can disable them pretty easily in the settings:

Settings > Security and privacy > Scroll down to Direct Messages > Disable Send/Receive Read Receipts

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