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Pauline Hanson Got Elected And Everyone's Blaming Queensland

Welcome back, 2004 Dancing With The Stars runner-up Pauline Hanson.

Pauline Hanson. You fucking Queensland cunts

Pauline Hanson, famous for wanting to hold a royal commission into the religion of Islam, looks set to win a senate seat in Queensland. People are not taking it well.

Walking around Sydney you may think Australias not THAT racist but then you remember Queensland exists

Hanson is the leader of the far-right party One Nation and was last in parliament in 1998. She also spent some time in jail in 2002 for electoral fraud, but her conviction was overturned.

ABC / Via abc.net.au

Now it looks like Pauline is back, and a lot of people are very upset with Queensland for allowing it to happen.

Queensland might be good at rugby league but they're not good at voting. #ausvotes

im glad pauline hanson is back as it means i can pretend it's 1998 again and im a hot 20 year old, dj hit that semisonic track my man

Took her 18 long years. Pauline Hanson, lightning rod turned prisoner turned celebrity, is BACK. With Ashby!?

If Pauline Hanson wins we should have a referendum for a #Quexit. #ausvotes

Pauline Hanson is proof that if you just stick at it for 20 years, you too can get racists to support you twice.

Pauline Hanson comeback is apparently looking likely thanks to Queensland? what did we fucking expect

Queensland would vote for Pauline Hanson, of course. Bloody hell Queensland, how much do you hate the 21st Century?

Says a lot about Queensland though that Pauline Hanson won a senate seat #ausvotes

Oh God. Pauline Hanson is back. Thanks Queensland. @channel9 #ausvotes

Pauline Hanson heading to the Senate. WTF, Queensland? #ausvotes

If Queensland brings Pauline Hanson into government I'll be on the next flight with my current chronic diarrhoea as a present to the state.

When do we vote on getting rid of Queensland? FFS Pauline Hanson is back. #Quexit #ausvotes

Soz for Pauline Hanson winning Australia. Regards, Queensland #ausvotes

Pauline Hanson is probably going to win her seat back. In extremely related news I'm starting a petition to jettison Queensland into the sun

Only time will tell how Hanson's latest stint in parliament will go.

Glad to see racism is alive and well in Queensland. Welcome back Pauline Hanson. How did we come to this? #ausvotes #Shameful

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