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    Pauline Hanson's Fish Shop Now Belongs To Two Very Happy Asylum Seekers

    Sweet, delicious irony.

    Peter Drew, the artist behind the "Real Australians Say Welcome" campaign that has seen posters show up all over Australia, recently visited Pauline Hanson's old fish and chip shop.

    Facebook: PeterDrewArts

    Pauline Hanson is one of the most notorious Australian politicians / cultural figures, famous for her conservative views on asylum seekers and race. Recently, she has linked Halal certification to terrorists and re-started her One Nation Party, using her platform to push for the abolition of multiculturalism.

    Hanson owned the Ipswich fish and chip shop in the late '80s and early '90s, but it has since been sold to a Vietnamese couple who came to Australia seeking Asylum 22 years ago.

    Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

    Thanh Huong Huynh and her husband Huong Van Nguyen are the current proprietors of the shop, and Peter Drew told BuzzFeed News they were both camera shy at first when he asked to take their photo.

    "She was a little embarrassed at first - but then I told her the photo might make her a little famous and she got much more excited to get involved."

    The photo, uploaded to Drew's Facebook, is one of his most successful to date - and he thinks he knows why.

    Facebook: PeterDrewArts

    "I think the image struck a chord with Australians as the most famous example of political bigotry," Drew told BuzzFeed News. "But the couple that owned the shop - they didn't even know who Pauline Hanson was. They just knew she was famous... which I think is beautiful, in a way."

    The "Real Australians Say Welcome" campaign is ongoing, and you can support it here.

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