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    Pauline Hanson Defended Putin On MH17 By Saying "Everyone Has Done Something"

    "You are picking out something," said Hanson. "Do you think everything that our prime ministers have done has been in the best interests?"

    One Nation hosted a "weekly catch up" Facebook live broadcast on Thursday evening, with One Nation senators Malcolm Roberts, Brian Burston and party leader Pauline Hanson inviting Labor senator Sam Dastyari and Liberal senator Mitch Fifield onto the show.

    The five senators spent much of the live stream discussing important issues like climate change, who was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks and Cory Bernardi's recent defection from the Coalition to create his own independent party.

    Eventually, Russian leader Vladimir Putin was brought up. Hanson has taken to defending Putin recently – on Monday she praised him as a "strong leader" who was "standing up for his nation" – and she didn't hesitate to defend him once more when Russia's involvement with flight MH17, the passenger plane shot out of the sky by a Russian-made missile over eastern Ukraine killing 298 people, was mentioned.

    "You are picking out something," she said. "Do you think everything that our prime ministers have done has been in the best interests?" she asked.

    "You know, everyone has done something.

    "I am not saying I support him for what he has done there, but overall, as a person who is strong and stands up for his country."

    Dastyari responded by calling Putin a "murderous tyrant", but most of the attention following the One Nation Catch Up live stream was on Hanson's rationale that "everyone has done something".

    I too have accidentally but kind of on purpose shot down a passenger plane but yeah I'm still a good dude. @PaulineHansonOz

    Let those of us who haven't played a role shooting down a passenger plane cast the first stone…

    It's true. Who among us hasn't shot down a plane in our airspace every now and then?

    .@PaulineHansonOz "everyone has done something" You are revolting. #mh17

    Let whoever has not shot down a passenger jet with surface-to-air missiles cast the first stone

    With all that's going on in the world who among us can truthfully say that they themselves have never shot down a c…

    While others just questioned what other Putin policies Hanson might endorse next.

    If @PaulineHansonOz is such a Putin fan, I wonder if she also agrees with him decriminalising domestic violence.

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