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    20 Reasons Your Parents Are The Absolute Greatest

    They're with you from birth (duh).

    1. Because they make funny jokes to impress you.

    2. They're harsh but fair.

    3. They know how to turn a horrible situation (like a mummified cat under your house) into a funny one.

    4. And they made your childhood awesome.

    5. They're thoughtful.

    6. And praise you when you've done well.

    7. Even when they're mean to you it's all for the best.

    8. Sure they don't always do the...smartest things.

    9. But they try to maintain their cultural relevance.

    Hard-copy selfie sent in the mail...

    10. And keep up with technology.

    11. They do weird things.

    12. Really weird things.

    13. But at the end of the day they do it for you and the family.

    14. They're always proud of you.

    15. And they often outdo you.

    16. A lot of the time it feels like they are out to embarrass you.

    17. But they're actually just being patient.

    18. ...saving up for that big graduation present.

    19. They love you.

    20. And they're super happy you're strong.

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