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    14 Australian Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die

    Ice cream Down Under is better than ice cream Up Over.

    1. Gelato Messina – Various locations:

    Why you have to go: C'mon now, you knew it would be here. Messina has almost built itself into Australian dessert folklore, with a myriad of locations all across the country. With a massive range of ground breaking flavours and ice cream treats, you can't go wrong. You just can't.

    2. Jock's Ice Cream & Sorbet – Melbourne:

    Why you have to go: Jock's is home to some incredible ice cream and gelato. More importantly, however, is their decadent production of ice cream sandwiches. You know - that thing that combines all the greatness of ice cream with all the greatness of cake. Yeah, that thing. To get you started, here's a one of their numerous ***limited flavours that they pump put daily: "Fig ripple swirled through Cinnamon icecream sandwiched between Gingerbread bsicuits." Yeah. That good you could taste it through the screen.

    3. Helados Juaja en Australia – Melbourne:

    Why you have to go: Inspired by Argentina, Helados Juaja promises exciting and unique flavours without overdoing it. The ice cream is artisan and fun without being pretentious, and they even hold "Ice Cream Appreciation Masterclasses," which sound incredible.

    4. Gelocchio – Cairns:

    Why you have to go: Not only does Gelocchio do some of the best ice cream and gelato up north, it also prides itself on the creation of some truly magical ice blocks. A lot of these are fruit based, which should make you feel a lot better about eating ALL OF THEM.

    5. Sweet Envy – Tasmania:

    Why you have to go: Everybody in Australia knows that Tasmania is known for its produce, so why wouldn't you give the fruits of their labour a try? Sweet Envy aren't afraid to mix things up, as they take advantage of the wonderful produce (both savory and sweet) to create delicious creations like Prosciutto & Vanilla ice cream (pictured left.)

    6. St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert – South Australia:

    Why you have to go: St. Louis is more than just an ice cream place. St. Louis is an experience. Decadence and mouth-watering desserts take centre stage here, with owner George Karamalis priding himself on the shops ability to churn out masterful flavour after wonderful flavour.

    Why you have to go: Located in Enmore, NSW, Cow and the Moon have placed in three out of the past 4 years at the Sydney Royal Dairy Awards. Their gelato and ice cream treats will have you begging for more before you even begin, and the shop itself also offers up a mean coffee to keep you going on and on and on.

    8. Pompei's Bondi – Sydney:

    Why you have to go: What's better than walking along the beach on a hot summers day? Walking along the beach on a hot summers day with AN INCREDIBLE GELATO CREATION. We a bunch of mouth-watering traditional (and not-so-traditional) flavours, Pompei's is sure to please your tummy.

    9. 7apples Gelato – Melbourne:

    Why you have to go: Italian Donut and Strawberry Jam Ice cream. Come on now, that can't even be legal. 7apples (located in St. Kilda, Melbourne) is capable of producing up to 100 different flavours in store and you watch them all do it behind the counter whilst you scratch your head trying to pick a scoop. They're also not afraid to mix savory with sweet - their 'Cinco de Mayo' Vanilla and Avocado ice cream (pictured left) is certain to get you thinking.

    10. Nitrogenie – Queensland:


    Why you have to go: One of two places on this list that harnesses the incredible (and delicious) power of Liquid Nitrogen, Nitrogenie is the place to go if you're in Brisbane, Noosa Heads, Indooroopilly and even Bangkok if you're up for some perfect creamy frozen dessert. They have some incredible sounding flavours, like 'brown sugar and white miso' as well as 'white balsamic strawberry.' God. How could you not?

    11. Tuck Shop Take Away – Melbourne:

    Why you have to go: Tuck Shop Take Away is a tiny take away store (no duh) on Hawthorn Road in Victoria. That's about the only thing semi-normal about it, with the pride and joy of the place being the often rotating flavour wheel of their soft serve machine. We're talking Redskin, candy cane and roasted marshmallow. They also serve up a mean ice cream sandwich are open till 9PM on Friday and Saturday. So, y'know. You can get start your night with an ice cream.

    12. Simmo's Icecreamery – Western Australia:

    Why you have to go: If you live in Western Australia, Simmmo's Icecream probably isn't anything surprising to you. For the rest of us, it holds the key to a brand new ocean of ice cream heaven. Opened in 1993, Simmo's has over 60 flavours and were recently voted by USA Today as one of the top 15 Ice Creameries IN THE WORLD. If that's not a good enough reason to get your mouth watering I don't know what is.

    13. Uncle Edy's Ice Cream – Northern Territory:

    Why you have to go: Do you really need an excuse to go get ice cream whilst you're sweltering away in the heat of Alice Springs? A local secret for quite some time, Uncle Edy's promises a range of interesting and tongue-tingling flavours, with a couple including a few good slushes of your favourite thing in the whole wide world: alcohol.

    14. N2 Extreme Gelato – Various Locations:

    Why you have to go: N2 is the kind of ice cream place your high school science teacher would wet their pants over. And we mean that in a good way. They pride themselves on over-indulgence and use a bunch of fresh and real fruits, herbs and other crazy ingredients. The kicker, though, is that their gelato is all made to order. With the help of Liquid Nitrogen it's served at the perfect temperature of -6Cº.

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