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Outback Steakhouse As Explained By A Real Australian

Actually a really offensive place, FYI.

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It's time to talk about something that many [true] Australians have been unaware of for quite some time. Outback Steakhouse.


Outback Steakhouse has two locations in Australia. Neither of them are in the 'outback.' So really it should just be called 'Steakhouse.'!4m5!2m4!3m3!1soutback+steakhouse!2sSydney+NSW!3s0x6b12ae401e8b983f:0x5017d681632ccc0

But it's not because 'Steakhouse' is a shitty name that sounds like the latest Tarantino–Rodriguez movie.

Outback Steakhouse promises a bunch of things us Aussies have NEVER EXPERIENCED. LIKE STEAK. Y'KNOW. DEAD COW.

"Hey honey whatdy'a feel like for dinner?"

"Oooh, I was talking to Carol in my knitting circle and she said that Outback Steakhouse was unlike anything she'd ever experienced."

"What? How?"

"Steak. Have you heard of it?"

"Only in movies, darl."


What's that you say? At least they're culturally sensitive? GOOD POINT, MATE.

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Don't know about you, but I hear didgeridoo everywhere I go.


Also what does this mean? Like. What.

I think I get what they're saying but like idk this makes my head hurt.

An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified Ryan Newman as the Outback Steakhouse sponsored NASCAR driver.