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    This Is How To Hack Your Opal Card And Get Free Trips

    Six trips and then you're sweet - easy!

    In September, the NSW Transport Minister challenged Opal Card users to "beat the system," and now someone has uploaded a video showing just how to do that.

    The video appears to be uploaded by the creators of opalapp, an application that tracks your spending.

    After already doing two trips, the video says that the next six trips are going to be done rapid-fire between Erskineville and McDonaldtown Station.

    According to Google Maps, this is only a five minute walk.!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b12b0333b4e92d9:0x71df3300ad0a0c82!2m2!1d151.1859!2d-33.896745!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b12b034c1ee3015:0

    The woman in the video then does this six times, back-to-back.

    When she gets back for the sixth and final time and checks her Opal Card, boom! Free trips!

    This is how you get 6 journeys down in under 30 minutes. (No waiting 60 minutes between trips)Why 6 journeys and not 8?The reason behind doing 6 journeys and not 8 is to avoid going over the daily cap. Any trips outside of the daily cap will not go towards your weekly travel reward. Make sure you've done a couple off-peak trips on the previous day!Erskineville station and Macdonaldtown station are perfect for this hack as they are fairly close to each other and have Opal readers accessible without gates.

    Watch it here!

    View this video on YouTube

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