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    The Australian Olympic Team's New Uniforms Are Very "Private School Chic"

    Going to the Olympics on my gap yah.

    The Australian Olympic Team presented their new, Sportscraft-designed uniforms to the world this morning, and boy, wasn't everyone perplexed.

    It's official! Thanks @Sportscraft and @TOMS for our amazing Opening Ceremony Uniform. #ComeWithUs

    The new look includes a mint pinstriped blazer, white shorts / skirt, and little baby sockettes - which is adorable.

    Uniform for the St Swiggins cultural exchange and ski trip to Gstaad 2016 (horses not shown)

    Of course, quite a few people are a bit puzzled as to why Australia continually dresses our athletes in such... high society wear.

    who keeps DOING this to our athletes???

    why do we need to dress our olympians up like they went to private school they already went there

    Those Australian uniforms for the Olympics are strobing *really badly* on the TV screens.

    they're not airline staff, they're not matt Preston so I can only conclusively assume they're all hiding hickeys

    are all the australian olympic athletes off to boarding school in an enid blyton book then

    Who wore it better? Draco Malfoy, a North Shore private school kid or our 2016 Olympians? #Rio2016 #OlympicUniform

    Some even reflected on uniforms of the past, like this ol' Australiana number.

    Once again the AOC missed the chance to roll out these bad boys again.... But they did alright!

    And this... uh.... these things.

    Bring back the bird watcher outfits @ccroucher9

    Of course there were also suggestions for new, slightly different uniforms.

    It's not too late to change your mind on the Olympics uniform guys

    1. So, what do you think: are the new Olympic uniforms good or bad?

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    So, what do you think: are the new Olympic uniforms good or bad?
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      I love them, they are classy. Our athletes look nice, and classy.
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      I am not impressed with them. Why do our athletes always have to look like they're enjoying the final days of high school before leaving for a 12-month "gap year" tour of Europe?
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      I do not care, tbh.

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