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This Batshit Insane Video Of A Snake Eating A Cat Is Exactly Why You Should Keep Your Pets Indoors

Animal lovers look away now.

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Snake Out Brisbane snake catchers have uploaded footage of a python swallowing a house cat whole as a method of warning people about keeping their cats indoors at night.

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The footage lasts five minutes and shows the entire process, beginning with the cat shown limp between the snake's crossed over body.

"We understand that this can be a bit distressing to watch, but please remember that snakes are native, protected wildlife," said Janne Torkkola from Snake Out Brisbane.

"They are a normal part of life here in Brisbane, and while they can be dangerous if mishandled or attacked, they're harmless enough if left alone. Leave the handling to those with permits and professional qualifications, and appreciate their awesomeness from a safe distance."

Torkkola said that while it's rare for cats to be taken, it does happen, as well as to other small family pets.

"More often it's poultry that get taken, even I've lost a chicken or two to pythons," he said.

"Other outdoor enclosed animals like guinea pigs and small birds, budgies etc. out on balconies can also have the occasional python visitor, usually secure enough if you use 5x5mm steel aviary mesh or something similar, and close all gaps."

Torkkola also said that the impact of roaming cats on Australia's native wildlife is also substantial.

"Cats are a major cause of biodiversity decline throughout Australia, so why not keep them enclosed for the safety of both? There are phenomenal outdoor cat runs that can be professionally designed for you, or internet DIY is the cheaper solution, either way a cat run helps keeps cats safe from wildlife, and vice versa."