21 Times New Zealand Proved It Was Funnier Than Us All

    "Does New Zealand even exist?"

    1. When an entire Facebook page was dedicated to figuring out whether or not they existed:

    2. And no one was really all that sure:

    3. Seriously this is a big issue.

    4. When everyone was going on about that eel that just showed up on the street.

    5. Or up someone's bum nbd.

    6. Or this guy's face when the Hurricanes went down :(

    7. When they revolutionised the car-modding industry.

    8. And the time they gave a new meaning to the term "drive through."

    9. Don't forget the time our Prime Minister had to deny (and PROVE) the fact he wasn't a reptile.

    10. This moment put us out into the international eye.

    11. This proved we understood the important things when moving house.

    12. And this proved we understood the weather didn't matter (as long as the ground stays still).

    13. We outsmarted the anti-piracy committee:

    14. And this demonstrated our loving and kind nature when it comes to da brahdaz.

    15. This showed our absolute FREEDOM!

    16. Seriously, freedom. They're all about it.

    17. They're fearless.

    18. Sometimes their sense of humour can be a little...off...

    19. And they love jokin' around.

    20. Their advertising is the best:

    21. And they teach dogs how to drive cars. Because New Zealand.