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14 Pictures That Just Aren't Okay

Time to get your eyes checked.

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1. This is just some butter.

2. This is a delicious shortcake.

3. This is a lovely "Paris" cookie jar.

4. This is just a guy doing some gymnastics.

5. And this is just a delicious sweet potato.

6. This is just a little piglet trying to get some food.

7. This is a great-looking flavour of ice cream.

8. This lady isn't flipping you the bird.



9. This store is offering up some quality haircuts.

10. This is a great school decoration.

Go music!

Go music!

11. This is a great commendation of Dolly Parton's music.

12. This is a great gumball dispenser.

13. This is just some horses, chilling.

14. And this is just a swell ol' photo.