Cosmopolitan Tweeted Out A Photo Of Kim And Kanye Without Realizing It Wasn't Actually Them


    Yesterday, Cosmopolitan tweeted out its latest scoop on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

    The only problem was that the photo they used WAS NOT of Kim or Kanye.

    Can you spot the differences?

    Cosmopolitan has since deleted the tweet and replaced it with this.

    But not before a few people could get in their opinion.

    Cosmo is trolling and I am tired. They stuck Big Ang and R Jelly in a photo to pass off as Kim and Kanye.

    Can we all just laugh at the fact that @Cosmopolitan tweeted this thinking it was Kim and Kanye?

    Does cosmo know thats not Kim and Ye?

    Wait Cosmo really just tweeted an article about Kim and Kanye with a fake picture of Kim and Kanye.....