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    18 Secrets Australians Won't Tell You

    Just keep this between us, OK?

    1. We don't know why we celebrate the Queen's birthday and the British don't, but we ALSO don't really care.


    2. We don't really pay for ANY television show.

    Brad Esposito / Via

    3. Drop bears are actually very real and very, very scary.

    4. There is no feeling better than stepping off the plane when you touch down in Oz.

    5. McDonald's is really just the poor man's Oporto.

    6. Nickelback sell out shows here.

    7. We adopted Redfoo and crafted him into what he has become.


    8. Oh, and we did the same thing to The Madden Brothers.

    Channel 9

    9. Seal is more than "that guy who sang 'Kiss From a Rose'" over here.

    Channel 9

    10. The sun isn't always out.

    11. The water isn't always warm.

    12. If you take our Vegemite, we are legally allowed to kill you.

    13. A lot of us aren't actually that tanned, and we get sunburned a lot.


    14. We don't all surf (but we let you carry on thinking that we do).

    15. Our police are afraid of the water.


    Or crocs, whatever.

    16. No one really likes any of our politicians.

    17. We kinda started the Masterchef thing.

    Channel 10

    Started in the UK, made better Down Under. Kinda like the whole population.

    18. And we DO know what a pope is, promise!

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