This Man Caused An Explosion In His House Trying To Kill A Cockroach

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    A man has caused an explosion in his Mount Isa home while trying to kill cockroaches in his kitchen using an impromptu insect spray-flamethrower.

    #BREAKING: There’s been a gas bottle explosion at a home on Able Smith Parade in Mount Isa. Officers say a man has been hit with shrapnel & has suffered lacerations to his head. @abcbrisbane @ABCNorthWestQLD

    Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) crew were called to the property at 7.55pm on Wednesday after reports of an explosion. Queensland police were also present.

    Bug spray 'flamethrower' causes explosion in Mt Isa house, injures man

    A spokesperson for QFES told BuzzFeed News it was believed the man had lit a match after spraying a can of insect repellant around his home. Suffering from reported lacerations to his head and hand, he was taken to Mount Isa Base Hospital.

    Mount Isa Station officer Ian Louden told the ABC windows had been shattered and significant damage had been done to the home's kitchen and walls. "The instructions are put on [insect repellant] for a purpose," he said. "Failure to follow them can result in, as it did in this case, extreme damage to the property."

    Other people were in the home at the time of the explosion but luckily were not injured, with the explosion being restricted to the kitchen area.

    Be careful out there!!