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This New Zealander Stitched His Own Leg Together After A Shark Attack

He didn't even go to the hospital until he'd had a beer at his local pub.

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Grant was only in about 2 meters of water and didn't see the shark when it attacked. Luckily, he already had his diving knife in his hand and was swift to fend off the predator.

Stabbing the shark multiple times, he made it to shore as fast as possible. He didn't realize he'd been bitten until he took off his wetsuit. When he called to his friends, they didn't believe him: "...There's no way he's been bitten, he's got to be taking the piss," said fellow spearfisher Mackley Lindsay.

While his friends carried on fishing, Grant (who is a junior doctor) stitched up his wounds with a needle and thread from the first-aid kit he used for his pig-hunting dogs.

Todd Lappin / Via Flickr: 49502995517@N01

The group of fisherman (including the now stitched up Grant) then left to go to the local Colac Bay Tavern for some post-shark attack beer.