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There Are 50 New Species Of Spider In Australia, Giving You Even More Reason To Never Visit

Spiders "the size of dinner plates" were found by scientists and researchers combing through the Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland.

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More than 50 species of spider have been discovered in Queensland's Cape York Peninsula as part of the government funded Bush Blitz program.

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Researchers from Queensland Museum and Macquarie University made the trip to Cape York for a two week expedition, joining up with Indigenous rangers and traditional owners who helped collect and examine new species.

That thing up above ^^ is a new species of trapdoor spider – the brush footed trapdoor spider. Trapdoor spiders hide underground creating a "trap". Their prey either falls into the trap or is attacked as it passes by. It's totally cool and not horrifying at all.

Bush Blitz is a project put together by the Australian government, BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities and Earthwatch. So far, the project has discovered more than 1,200 new species.

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“We’ve undertaken 34 expeditions, but it’s likely this expedition will yield the greatest number of new species discoveries so far,” said Bush Blitz manager Jo Harding.

Pictured here is a new species of ant eating spider. Ant eating spiders are like normal spiders, except they pretend to be ants before killing and eating a bunch of them. It's like a weird spider fetish.

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