38 Stages Of Moving Into A New House

    Lifting, screaming, and crying.

    1. You've finally found a place to live after months of searching.

    2. You've lived through rejection after rejection - frustrated as families walk into open houses and extinguish your dream of living in each house.

    3. But now, the wait is over. The house is yours - and moving in can't be too hard, right?

    4. WRONG!

    5. First, you wait for the awkward meeting where you sign your lease.

    6. You sit at a table with your real estate agent, and you both just want to get this over with.

    7. They read you the "special clauses..."

    8. No pools...

    9. And no fires...

    10. And then you sign & sign & sign & sign, sheet after sheet after sheet of paper.

    11. The keys are handed over (!!!) and now you can head off to the house.

    12. But...It's empty...

    13. The house you saw at the open house was full of character (other people's possessions) but this house... This house is devoid of personality.

    14. But that's okay - because you know once you move your boxes in it'll all be fine.

    15. You contemplate if you can fit your mattress, television, couch, computer, clothing etc. into your four-door sedan.

    16. The answer is no. Just no. Don't even try.

    17. So you hire a van.

    18. You think you'll be able to fit everything into the van on your first trip...

    19. But really, you'll have to take a few trips (that couch is big!)

    20. You arrive at your new house (yay!) with your old stuff in your rented van and suddenly you realise it's gonna take a lot of sweat and tears to get the stuff out of the van and into your room.

    21. But, it's what you gotta do.

    22. You stretch...

    23. You maneuver...

    24. You pivot...

    25. You curse...

    26. And you've sweat enough to fill up a lake.

    27. But finally it's all there, in the house.

    28. The electricity hasn't been put on yet - better sort that out.

    29. Also, the internet needs connecting. But don't worry! They'll be at your new place anytime between 9am and 6pm. :) !

    30. 9 AM... In the morning...

    31. Till 6PM... at night. :)))))))

    32. You unpack your clothes from your many, many boxes...

    33. "I can't recall having this many clothes..."

    34. "Do I really need this?"

    35. "WTF is this?"

    36. And you sit on your bed - exhausted.

    37. You haven't even got half your unpacking done...

    38. But you can deal with that... tomorrow...