#Neknomination Is The Viral Drinking Game You Definitely Shouldn’t Try At Home

Everyone can drink. But not everyone can drink the same way. Watch these videos of the craziest #neknominations so far. NSFW, obviously.

#Neknomination is a viral craze sweeping Australia and the globe.

Channel 9 / Via youtube.com

It is believed to have started in Perth - where one person uploaded a video of them downing alcohol and then challenged a friend to do the same.

Needless to say, Australians have taken well to this new “sport,” accepting and distributing neknominations faster than you can say “cheers.”

Here’s some #neknominations you REALLY shouldn’t try at home

1. The Ex-Prime Minister

Bob Hawke (ex-Prime Minister of Australia) once held the world record for beer drinking.

2. The Sailor

“Oh what have we got ‘ere? Some nice, fresh piss.”

3. The Cinematic

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“Half Zilla. Half Bot. 100% lover.”

4. The Jäger

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5. The Bear Grylls

“Yeh it’s a little cold out here.”

6. The Painful One

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7. The Borat

“I know a pretty cool place to hang out.”

8. The Fail / Help Me Help Me My Head Is On Fire

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9. Bottoms Up

10. The Wrecking Ball

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11. The Reverse Bungee

12. The Ghostbuster

13. The American

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14. The Posh

15. The No-Time-For-Sleep

16. The Fountain

17. The Human Dart Board

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18. The Old Pro

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19. The EXTREME!

20. The Beer Bong

It’s all pretty overwhelming.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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