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People Are Angry After A Newsreader Was Allegedly Demoted After A Hilarious Blooper

Natasha Exelby's incredible reaction went viral over the weekend – now we won't be seeing her on air anymore.

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UPDATE: ABC Director of News Gaven Morris said in a statement that Exelby was not "punished for a blooper."

"Natasha is a freelance journalist who works as a contributor," he said.

"She has been rostered for various shifts and has been assured since yesterday that we want that to continue. While she is not currently doing any on air shifts, this will be subject to normal performance management."

Natasha Exelby, the news anchor who went viral over the weekend when footage of her being caught unaware on camera picked up millions of views on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, has reportedly been banned from further on air roles – and people are pissed.

That feeling when you're caught daydreaming at work :) (via @UmmRKSZ ) #mediawatch

First brought to the public's attention by ABC program Media Watch, the footage of Exelby examining her pen instead of looking at the camera picked up more than 7,000 retweets (trust us, that's big for Australian Twitter).

Exelby is a casual worker at the ABC and reportedly won't be given any more on air roles at the network. The apparent reaction from ABC management has caused outcry from the Australian public, including opposition leader Bill Shorten and a slew of journalists.

In response to the blooper journalists across the country began tweeting with the hashtag #putyourbloopersout, sharing times when they too were caught off guard.

I started eating a Tim Tam live on air during rolling coverage of a leadership spill #putyourbloopersout

We ❤ you @NatashaExelby! #TheProjectTV

@byrnesh @NatashaExelby I fainted twice and said "fuck" once. To paraphrase @billybragg reading live news is an Acc…

And others (including a bunch of high profile politicians) are just generally pissed off with the national public broadcaster.

Fuck ABC24. I want a news channel that is all Natasha Exelby and her fascinating biro ALL THE TIME.

Love this tag. Beyond the moment of supporting this woman, we all need to be able to fk up & still be good at what we do #putyourbloopersout

Especially dickish considering how much mileage the ABC have gotten out of it via the Media Watch clip.

This is the federal opposition leader:

It's live TV. This is just ridiculous.

A petition has now been started demanding that ABC chief Michelle Guthrie reinstate Exelby.

Exelby has not commented on the incident or alleged demotion, except for this tweet sent out yesterday morning.

Thank U all for ur generous support. Not my finest hour. Myself and my mesmerising pen honourably salute you!

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