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The Girlfriends And Boyfriends Of Instagram Are Sharing Their Different Captions

"My favorite person" vs. "Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli."

On Monday, Isabella Koval tweeted out two screenshots of the same photo.

One photo was uploaded to her own Instagram with the caption "Always a blast [with] my bff", and the other was uploaded to her boyfriend Justin's Instagram.

Justin's caption said: "sitting here trying to explain football to this uncultured swine."

"My post vs my boyfriends," wrote Isabella on Twitter, oblivious to what was about to unfold.

Here's a better look at both captions:

"My boyfriend rarely posts on any social media and I’m always telling him he should post more," Koval told BuzzFeed News.

"So Saturday we went to the game, and I know nothing about football, and he was trying to explain the game to me, but I was too into my food."

Some people were taken aback by Justin's Instagram comment. Isabelle said she was really surprised by the reaction. "People are telling me to dump him," she said. "Everyone that knows us thinks those comments are hilarious".

Ultimately, most of the reactions are people saying things like "true love" and "relationship goals".

From the moment she tweeted the two screenshots Isabella's tweet started moving. Two days on, almost 40,000 people have retweeted her.

@bellakoval @ikrandahir At least you got more likes

And she has accidentally encouraged a bunch of other couples to share their Instagram captions. Turns out Isabella and her boyfriend aren't the only ones who approach captions from different planets.

"Sean choked on a piece of cheese stuffed crust the other day and almost died, I'm glad he didn't" versus "Mary eats ass."

"Because of you, I smile a little bigger and laugh a little longer" versus "Wizard kelly with the Sky Hook".

"My favorite person" vs. "Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli."

"Thanks for being the best date I could've asked for" versus "Meat sticks or nah?"

And "I like green and dis boi" versus "Some green shit".

Isabella's boyfriend didn't even know she was posting their different captions on Twitter. "It was really unexpected; when he saw our posts side by side he thought it was hilarious, but really didn't think anything of it until I pointed it out," she said.

"Seeing all the other couples tagging each other was a trip."