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18 Faces All Australians Will Recognise Immediately

So many feels.

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1. When the rest of the world is celebrating New Year's Eve and you're just recovering on January 1st.

2. When people ask you why everything is "so expensive."

3. When people bring up *that* underarm bowling incident.

4. When people tell you for the hundredth time that "Australia has a lot of beaches!"

5. Summer.

6. When you try to explain our internet speeds to someone not from Australia.

7. When you see that first mango of the season.

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8. When someone says "all Australians are SO HOT!"

9. When someone asks you to say "G'day mate!"

10. "Oh! I have a friend in Australia! Do you know Michelle?!"

Nope. Pretty big country.

11. When you hear that a movie that just came out in America isn't coming out here for two months.


12. When someone wants to talk about the NBL.

13. When you realise an online store ships to Australia.

14. But then you see the shipping costs.

15. When tv shows "won't stream to your country."

16. When you found out Rainbow Paddlepops are actually caramel flavour.

17. And when you think Australia is going to win (any sport, really) and it looks like we're gonna lose out of nowhere.

18. And then we actually win.