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This Boy Is Covered In Hair And Is Refusing Treatment Because He Thinks Its A Gift From God

Muhammad Raihan says his hair is a blessing from God.

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Thirteen-year-old Indonesian boy Muhammad Raihan is covered head to toe in thick black hair and he's refusing any form of treatment.


Considered a Hindu god by his family and villagers, Raihan's hair is up to three inches long in some places.

A devout Muslim, Raihan says he isn't bothered by the name-calling he gets from many of the other children in his home village of Mamburung.


"I am not bothered with such attention – some people laugh at me, others just come to me for a blessing," he told Caters.

"Sometime people would flock to my house from far-off villages to just have a glimpse of me."

"They think I am a god or have special powers, but this attention is okay because I know I look different."

Muhammed's mother, Pardan, says her son's appearance is the "will of Allah".


"He is a gift of God and we believe his appearance is the will of Allah."

"I have taught him to never complain about his condition but instead accept it with grace."

"I am blessed by God and this makes me happy," says Raihan. "I am his favourite child and want to serve him my whole life."

"I don't want any medical treatment because I'm happy this way."