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Why Does Everyone In Australia Hate Pitbull?


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Almost a year ago, bald headed God Pitbull famously cancelled his tour of Australia when he failed to sell enough tickets.

Recently, the Facebook page "Shut up Pitbull ya bald cunt ya" gained a lot of traction over social media.

The page itself is pretty self explanatory...

So this all begs the question...Why does everyone in Australia hate Pitbull?

1. Is it because of his love for rolled-up, tight, white pants?

2. Or is it because of his love for Walmart, bears and all things WORLDWIDE?!

3. Are people jealous of his animorphing ability?

4. Or his collaborations with Jesus Christ?

5. Maybe they're all just jealous of Pitbull's feature in People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive.

6. Even Google seems to hate Pitbull.

7. Yes, I'm afraid the hatred flows through many people.

8. :'(

9. Pitbull himself is probably very aware of how much he looks like Dr. Evil. But that's not his fault.

10. All of this, said shamelessly about the unspoken honorary King of Alaska.

For shame, Australia. For shame.